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We are accepting applications for 2 day CAT principles course to enhance your usual practice in health, social, housing, school, probation and prison settings: Click here. Please note this course can be provided as an in-house training for your service.

We are also currently accepting late applications for our national 6 month CAT skills for working with complex cases read more.

Testimonials from previous participants for Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) Skills training:

“It was one of the few things I have attended over the years where I  felt  I  am  really   learning  and  developing  as  a  practitioner”

“I   have   learnt   so   much, both   about   the   clients   and   my   own   expectations   of   myself   and what is realistically achievable”

“I have  found  it  really  useful  to  think  about  my  practice  –  not  only  in  terms  of  one   to   one   work   with   clients   but   also   in   formulating   and   understanding   other   dynamics  within  the  team”

“CAT   has   taught   me   a   lot   about   risk   assessment   and   management   in   terms   of   being   able   to   use   a   patient’s   formulation   to   obtain   a   richer   understanding   of   exactly where the risky  behaviour  is  located  and  likely  triggers”

“I would recommend  it  to  anyone  working  with  the  typically  complex  clients  found   in  forensic  settings”

“I   think   that   the   interactive   nature   of   the   training   was   also   really   helpful   in   developing skills,  as  opposed  to  more  theoretical  learning”

CAT skills courses can be tailored for you, your team or your service needs in Health, Social, Probation/Prison services, Education or Third sector/voluntary organisations

Feel free to email us for more information contact page